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Mar 18, 2013 8:30pm EDT
at the washington institute. ambassador dennis roth, and ambassador james jeffrey. ambassador roth served throughout most of the first term, first in the state department and then in the white house, with responsibility for overseeing all the national security council work in the middle east. ambassador jeffrey, jim jeffrey, complete his distinguished service in the diplomatic corps last year after having served as ambassador in turkey and in iraq, and albania, and as the deputy national security adviser in the bush administration, in which he played a special role in addressing the iraq question. so we brought these two highly experienced, strategic thinkers and policy practitioners together, to produce a policy paper for the obama administration, and we urge all of you to pick up the synopsis of the paper on the way out. it will be available for you on the web very shortly, this week, as the president takes off for his trip abroad. to discuss the thinking behind the trip to the middle east, what middle easterns are expecting to hear from the president. what the implications of this trip might be f
Mar 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
. this includes the new 28-year-old leader. that is why the opportunity presented to the starting to dennis rodman's recent visit should not be completely dismissed as trivial. by my calculation, dennis rodman has now spent more face time with north korea's new leader than any other american. as i recall we were dismissive of the invitation that the ping pong or tennis table to china while playing in a tournament in japan in april, 1971. china was the legacy of the korean war and an ongoing great cultural revolution was much of christ then as north korea is detected today. however, it should be noted that this so-called diplomacy changed history with the american president named richard nixon are writing less than a year later. it is my understanding the president loves basketball. sometimes on diplomacy. as i noted in the recent article, the corrine and newspaper it now seems in my opinion at the height of the intention of the korean peninsula in my opinion can move to seek national reconciliation between the two koreas. she took the first step towards that reconciliation process by going to nort
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2